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5 Things I’m Loving

As a small business owner with a brand-new office, I’m finding that I need ALL THE THINGS.

I have a whole office to decorate. I have a whole business to build and improve.

Here’s a list of my top five office favorites:

1. My Open Sign

My office doors are glass. I face the entryway to the building. Occasionally, I have a visitor or two.

Not always can a visitor tell if I’m on a call or not. 

I purchased this double sided sign to help visitors know when it’s ok to walk in or to come back later.

2. My Work Tote Bag

I can’t seem to ever not bring work home with me. That’s one of the things with owning your own business – there is always work to do!

I have a tendency after supper to work on some loose ends while watching TV with the husband.

I snagged this work tote to take work home with me on those nights I need to finish getting something done.

3. My New Webcam

Since moving my office to the other side of town, I decided to use my office at home as another designated space for those days that I don’t want to drive to the office or I’m down sick but have work to do.

The only downfall with my home office is that the room is so dark. This webcam has a Ring light with three different brightness settings.

It really livens up a Zoom chat!

4. My Mouse!

My brand colors are different shades of purple. So naturally my office accents had to be, too!

I found this mouse and fell in love with it! It’s purple on the top. It’s got a quiet click. AND – as I move it around, it turns colors!

5. My Client Organizer

I’m huge on organization! The only way my business will flow right is if I keep my clients organized.

I snagged this paper organizer because of the amount of cubby holes and the ability to customize it to my liking.

It really helps give each client their own space and keeps me organized!

What are the favorites in your office or at your desk? Do you have any favorites I should add to my office?

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