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Setting Goals for This Year

Setting goals in your business is important in keeping things running smoothly.

Where do you want your business to be in three months? Six months? One year?

I used to set goals. Not for my business, more so for me personally. Then I stopped because I wasn’t accomplishing them. Why? Because I was setting them as personal goals, not business goals.

I changed my view point. I’m running a business and my goals need to be geared towards my business.

If I’m setting a personal goal to contract with one new client this month, I’m not going to hit it because I’m not looking at it from a business view, but rather from a personal view.

Data Entry

Setting Your Goals

Grab a pen and paper. Grab a glass of your favorite drink. Sit in your favorite seat.

Now, think about YOUR business. Where do you want it to be in three months? What do you need to do to get there? Now do the same thing for six months, one year, three years, and five years.

Look at your paper. You’ve just set your business goals for the next five years. MINDBLOWN!

Now, for the harsh reality… THEY ARE GOING TO CHANGE! They always change. They can change 100 times over the next five years. But you have a starting point.

And in three months, you can sit down again and look at what your three month goal was and adjust it then. Create new or modify your current goals based on where you are at that point.

Now, look at your paper again. Can you accomplish your goals without having to do everything yourself? Can your team help you accomplish your goals? Can you sit back and be the boss while your team accomplish your visions?

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Setting My Own Goals

I’ve had to push myself to set business-focused goals, rather than personal goals this year.

In order for me to provide the best BOSS UP strategies and services to you, I have to boss up myself!

So, let’s start with my own three month goals:

  1. Better/revised content to provide the best Boss Up Strategy Calls (Discovery Call)
  2. More 1:1 time with each client
  3. Don’t stress over the small things
  4. Respect my own boundaries

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Boss Up business goals today!

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