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Live. Laugh. Boss Up!

Owning a small business is no simple task. Run the front office. Run the back office. Burnout. Stress.

I’ve been a virtual admin for over 10 years. All of the clients I’ve had over the years had one thing in common – back-office stress burnout.

They’ve all asked me the same question – ‘how can I be the boss without having to do all the things?’

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The Struggle is Real

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve seen so many posts from small business owners saying how hard it is to find help and how stressful their business place is. It’s hard to keep help. It’s hard to afford help if help isn’t REALLY there – meaning, it’s one thing to show up, but why pay for someone that doesn’t WANT to be there.

Maybe you just need the right help…

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    Boss Up!

    Take back your “BOSS” title. You don’t have to do all of the back office stuff yourself. Tell yourself it’s okay to accept help.

    I’ve been helping bosses and small business owners streamline their back office for so long, with much success. I’ve personally watched them struggle to figure out how to not only profit, but to run daily operations smoothly.

    I created Live. Laugh. Boss Up! because of bosses like you!

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    Rachel is a small business owner and entrepreneur herself, and knows that the business day can be extremely stressful and frustrating. More often than not, BS (back-office stress) just happens! Let her provide you with a peace of mind while helping you streamline your back-end office. Let her take the BS out of your business day so you can Live. Laugh. Boss Up!